David Appleby Engineering heads for the Abu Dhabi sun to compete in the Gulf 12hr Race

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David Appleby Engineering under the Generation AMR SuperRacing banner will be competing in this years Abu Dhabi based Gulf 12hr Race with a brand new Aston Martin GT4. The team of drivers taking on the challenge will be the normal Generation AMR SuperRacing lineup of James Holder (GB) & Matthew George (GB), they will be joined by 2016 Britcar production GT Championship winner Chris Murphy (GB) & Dubai based creventic racing stalwart Sam Taheri (IR). The team will be using their brand new Aston Martin GT4 which the received from Aston Martin Racing only days before the container left. “We had time to shakedown and test the car then managed to squeeze in the wrapping of the car in its special Abu Dhabi livery - which I think looks stunning, no pictures until its released from its container though I’m afraid!”, commented Team Principle, James Appleby. DAE have been campaigning the Aston Martin GT4 since 2010 but this will be their first long distance endurance event in the car, which is amazing really as the car is so well suited to this type of event. It is relatively easy to drive at a fast pace, reliable and most importantly safe.