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RS Fabrications Exhaust Upgrades

Passion for Performance

RSF Stage III V8 Vantage Exhaust Manifolds and 200-Cell Cats.

Designed with equal length primary pipes delivering more power and torque than competitors products.

Power Increase: 59.3 bhp

Torque Increase 103 Nm

Fitted Price: £6,180.00 + VAT

RSF 200-Cell Exhaust Cats

Releasing extra power and torque from your engine by reducing exhaust back pressure, these 200-Cell exhaust cats are a simple upgrade that provide an instant 17 bhp.

Guaranteed to not cause any Engine fault lights.

Direct replacement for your standard cats.

Fitted Price: £1,705.00 + VAT

RSF GT4 Silencers

Smaller, lighter and louder than standard while producing a socially acceptable growl and roar to your Aston Martin. Saving 20kg’s in weight over the standard back box. Removal of exhaust vacuum system. At 4500rpm the exhaust note is about 98dB. Fixed noise level.

Performance Gain: 10 Bhp

Fitted Price: £1,100.00 + VAT

GT4 spec Straight through Rear Exhaust Pipes

Really let your Aston scream with these straight through rear exhaust pipes. Saving over 30kg’s in weight and ceramic coated (option) to stop heat soak into the body. These exhausts at 4500rpm are 105dB and even louder at full chat!

Direct replacement for the standard back box giving a free flowing exhaust. Fixed noise level

Fitted Price:£400.00 +VAT  (non coated)

RSF Centre Silencer Section

Direct replacement for your standard centre exhaust section. Helps reduce noise if upgrading to 200 Cell or De-cat pipes but also picks up midrange torque. Useful for reducing the noise level of the car when needing to hit track day noise limits.

Performance Gain: Midrange Torque

Fitted Price: £1,400.00 + VAT

RSF De-Cat Pipes V8 Vantage

Direct replacement for your standard Exhaust Cats. When combined with RSF Centre Silencer Section and RSF GT4 Silencers provided a total increase of 30 bhp and 25.7 Nm of Torque.

Not suitable for road use due to emission laws

Fitted Price: £700.00 + VAT