Aston Martin Vanquish, V12VS, Rapide S, DB9 2013-on Power Pack with Exhaust -Velocity AP

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The Ultimate Aston Martin V12 Performance Package Includes all of the Following Velocity Automotive Performance Products:

  • 200 Cell Sports Catalysts
  • Performance Equal Length 6-2-1 Exhaust Manifolds/Headers
  • High Flow Motorsport Air Filters
  • Performance ECU Tune
  • O2 Sensor Harness Extensions
This Power Pack was independently performance tested on a Mustang Dynamometer rolling road. The 2013MY-on cars show astonishing results compared to the earlier cars, with a huge amount of additional power. We suspect the new drivetrain was deliberately de-tuned to make headroom for a 600+ BHP roadgoing GT12.

Our customer's Vanquish produced baseline peak performance figures of 450 Wheel HP, and 412 ft/lbs of torque. Following the installation of our manifolds, sports catalysts, exhaust system & ECU Tune, the peak figures were raised to 544 Rear Wheel HP and 481 ft/lbs. A gain of 104HP and 69ft/lbs at the rear wheels, equating to +130.57BHP, and +76.53ft/lbs at the flywheel.

Final Figures:
565 ----) 625 BHP
457 ----) 507 ft/lbs.

Ceramic Coating Included as Standard.


Fitting time takes around 4 hours.