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Engine Test Cell

Our recently refurbish Engine Test Cell instillation is now up and running. Capable of 16,000 Rpm and 1100 hp, our Froude Water Brake Engine Dynometer is available for companies, team and individuals alike for test and validation of engines and components. This coupled with our experienced engine development engineers ensures that engines and components specifications are fully met.

Our facility is also available for customers to test and validate their engines and components either using our testing expertise or their own.

With our decades of experience our dyno team are capable of undertaking all instillation and running of all engines. You can be sure that all work will be carried out not only to the highest level but also in complete confidence


16,000 RPM

1100 HP

Ricardo control & data acquisition system.

150 analogue input channels.

AVL 734 continuous fuel measurement system.

Oil & water flow measurement.

Crankcase blow-by measurement.


Total Flood, Manual Control C02 Fire Extinguisher System

10 x 200 °C Temp Channels

10 x 1200 °C Temp Channels

1 x 15 Bar Absolute Pressure Channel

1 x 7 Bar Absolute Pressure Channel

2 x 2 Bar Absolute Pressure Channel

1 x Barometric Absolute Pressure Channel

1 x 15 Bar Gauge Pressure Channel

2 x 10 Bar Gauge Pressure Channel

1 x 7 Bar Gauge Pressure Channel

1  x 5 Bar Gauge Pressure Channel

1 x 3.5 Bar Gauge Pressure Channel

4 x 200 °C  PRT Channels

1 x Humidity Channel

2 x Horiba Mexa-110 Lambda Meters

Audible Knock Detection System

20 x BNC Connections

Passion for Performance