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RAF Greatworth History

RAF Greatworth opened shortly before W.W.2 and eventually closed on November 11th 1988. The premises were leased to the USAF,who subsequently handed it back to the MOD on 8th February 1992 and the property and it's land were sold.

Royal Air Force Greatworth served our Nation in peace and war for well over fifty years. Nestling comfortably in the rural Northamptonshire countryside, this reclusive little RAF Camp played a crucial role in telecommunications throughout World War Two.

RAF Greatworth was the transmitter site for Bletchley Park and must have relayed much vital correspondence across the world to help orchestrate the war effort. After the war, the demands for its services continued increasingly with the beginnings of the Cold War.

During this confrontation between the worlds `superpowers' RAF Greatworth's involvement increased in importance, the extensive aerial complex with numerous caged rhomboidal aerials stretching between tall masts and lofty towers that covered several hundred acres around the countryside with a large modern TX Hall equipped with the best and most powerful transmitters, that could reach out with ease to the far corners of the globe.

Greatworth Park - History

From RAF Base to Modern Motorsport Facility

Dating from 1949 shortly before WW2, Greatworth Park was the principal transmitter site for Bletchley Park. It lies 5 miles East of Banbury, surrounded by open farmland. The property extended over many hundreds of acres and has since been split up with DAE occupying an area of just over four acres.

In 1995 the Accommodation Block was heavily renovated into facilites for the Triple Eight Race Engineering Team. These renovations also included the addition of a modern two story steel framed building adjoining the east side of the building.   

The Future of Greatworth Park

The Triple Eight Race Engineering Workshops and all its grounds were purchased in September 2011 and underwent extensive refurbishment and development to accommodate the new headquarters for David Appleby Engineering. Triple Eight continued to be based on site in a section of the building as a tenant until late 2015 when they were replaced by Multimatic Europe who manufacture and run the Ford GT WEC programme.

Passion for Performance