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Suspension Upgrades

Nitron R1 Damper kit

Developed from the successful Race R3 damper, NTR R1 kits offer superior Nitron performance for the road and track; combining phenomenal value with uncompromised quality.

Sport kits present plush, compliant road holding but maintain the ability to embarrass its competitors on the track.

Designed to lower the vehicle to its optimum ride height, Sport Kits are built with year-round reliability, simple fitment and quick adjustment as standard. These are a perfect package to fit to your road Aston Martin for those who enjoy spirited driving with the added compliance when required.

Supply Only: £2,295.00 + VAT

Fitted set of Nitron R1 dampers including 4 wheel alignment: £2,710.00 + Vat

Nitron R3 Damper kit

Nitron R3 kits set the standard for ultimate performance. The VLN Nurburgring lap-record holding design offers racers and engineer’s precise damping control.

Campaigned over some of the most demanding endurance races around the world, Race R3 kits provide reliability and virtually eliminate fade. These dampers are suited for Race cars or road cars used mainly for track use.

Supply only: £3,150.00 + VAT

Fitted set of Nitron R3 dampers including 4 wheel alignment: £3,565.00 + Vat

Passion for Performance