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Chassis Upgrades

Chassis Stiffening Plates

As fitted to the convertible versions of both the Vantage and DB9/S models, we fit these chassis stiffening plates fit on the coupe versions as well, adding rigidity to the chassis as well as flattening out the underside of the car for improved air flow.

Vantage Price: £179.32 + VAT

DB9/S Price: £189.67 + VAT

Solid mounted Gearbox Mounts

The standard hydraulic mounts are removed and replaced with modified billet machined examples to give a solid quicker gear change. Noticeable difference in car dynamics and lack of weight transfer and ‘float’ in the rear end.

Price: £600.00 pair + VAT(exchange)

Solid mounted Engine Mounts

The standard hydraulic mounts are removed and replaced with billet machined examples to stop the engine from moving around and add rigidity to the drive train. Noticeable improvement in car dynamics, lack of weight transfer and engine movement.

Price: £POA

Rose-Jointed Wishbone Kit

For the ultimate in handling upgrades, all the standard wishbones and rear toe arms are removed, chemically cleaned, machined and fitted with spherical bearings.

The standard rubber bushes required to pass curb and ride comfort tests are removed as these give too much flex and an indirect and ‘floaty’ feel to the cars handling. In their place are specially engineered spherical bearings to remove all play and give your road car the true sports/racing car feel. We can even offer an exchange deal on your standard wishbones to reduce cost and downtime of your car.

Kit includes:

Full set of rose jointed wishbones with top hats

Machined Rear toe links with rose joints and top hats

Price: £POA

Anti-Roll bar Upgrades

We offer various upgrades of Front and Rear Anti-Roll bars to suit your individual driving style and how you wish your car to handle.

Prices from £130.00 + VAT

Passion for Performance