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Drivetrain Upgrades

Solid mounted Gearbox Mounts

The standard hydraulic mounts are removed and replaced with modified billet machined examples to give a solid quicker gear change. Noticeable difference in car dynamics and lack of weight transfer and ‘float’ in the rear end.

Price: £600.00 + VAT(exchange)

Custom Differential

We can customise your differential in-house depending on how you want your car to handle. We can alter both the tightness of the differential pre-load as well as the drive and coast ramps, which will all alter the handling of the car.

This service is offered on all of the Graziano Gearboxed Astons; V8, V8S,V12V, V12 Zagato, DB9, DBS, Vanquish II and One-77.

Price: £POA

Lower Ratio CWP

For our Rally GT project we designed a lower ratio CWP reducing the top speed of the Vantage V8 to 144 mph compared to the standard 184  (22% Reduction). This provides a lot lower gearing, faster acceleration and a more involved drivers car.....not recommended for those motorway tourers unless you want your fuel gauge to drop faster than the depreciation of the car your driving :-)

Prices from: £3,800 + VAT

Sequential Gearbox

We have designed in conjunction with a leading British Gearbox manufacturer a sequential gear change mechanism that bolts directly in place of the standard Graziano Gearbox selector. We can even utilise the standard paddles on the steering column to create a true sequential paddle shift gearbox in you Aston Martin.

Can be fitted to both Manual and Sportshift Cars.

Price: £POA

Passion for Performance