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Clutch & Drivetrain Upgrades

Solid mounted Gearbox Mounts

The standard hydraulic mounts are removed and replaced with modified billet machined examples to give a solid quicker gear change. Noticeable difference in car dynamics and lack of weight transfer and ‘float’ in the rear end.

Price: £600.00 + VAT(exchange)

Custom Differential

We can customise your differential in-house depending on how you want your car to handle. We can alter both the tightness of the differential pre-load as well as the drive and coast ramps, which will all alter the handling of the car.

This service is offered on all of the Graziano Gearboxed Astons; V8, V8S,V12V, V12 Zagato, DB9, DBS, Vanquish II and One-77.

Price: £POA

Lower Ratio CWP

For our Rally GT project we designed a lower ratio CWP reducing the top speed of the Vantage V8 to 144 mph compared to the standard 184  (22% Reduction). This provides a lot lower gearing, faster acceleration and a more involved drivers car.....not recommended for those motorway tourers unless you want your fuel gauge to drop faster than the depreciation of the car your driving :-)

Price from: £3,800 + VAT

Sequential Gearbox

We have designed in conjunction with a leading British Gearbox manufacturer a sequential gear change mechanism that bolts directly in place of the standard Graziano Gearbox selector. We can even utilise the standard paddles on the steering column to create a true sequential paddle shift gearbox in you Aston Martin.

Can be fitted to both Manual and Sportshift Cars.

Price: £POA

Complete Manual & ASM1 Gearboxes

We have in stock a supply of the 6 Speed Manual & ASM1 Gearboxes brand new on the shelf.

We also rebuild the Graziano Gearboxes in house so if you need your gearbox servicing, bring it to us!

Prices from: £8,000.00 + Vat

Passion for Performance

Standard Clutch Plate Replacement

To replace the standard clutch plate, you have to normally buy the plate with the cover increasing your expenditure when just the fiction plate needs replacing. We have sourced a supplier so we can now replace your worn out clutch plate without the extra expenditure. (Only suitable in some cases)

Fitted Price: £1,005 + VAT

Ultra - Lightweight Flywheel & Sintered Twin Plate Clutch

Ultra Lightweight Flywheel & Twin plate sintered Clutch upgrade. Our new custom Ultra lightweight flywheel is 30% lighter than those used on the GT4 racecars and combined with our tried and tested sintered twin plate clutch option which is built to withstand a lot more abuse than the standard clutch plate which can wear out very quickly if given a hard life. Not recommended for normal road use.

Fitted Price: £2,500 + VAT

‘The Famous’ DAE V8 Vantage Twin Plate Organic Clutch Kit

Aston Martin V8 Vantage twin plate organic clutch and lightweight flywheel OEM replacement for Manual & ASM cars. Significantly improves gear changing operation and extends your clutch life while producing a lighter clutch pedal.

Kit Includes: Lightweight CNC Machined Chemically hardened 1-piece steel flywheel, Aston Martin OEM Twin Plate Organic Clutch, Aston Martin OEM Clutch Release Bearing/slave cylinder, Custom Release Bearing Spacer and fittings.

Price: £2,850 + VAT