Aston Martin PowerFlex wishbone bush kit installed -PowerFlex
£3,540.00 (Inc VAT)

New to market PowerFlex bushes finally give the option to replace worn bushes in your Aston Martin wishbone system.

Supplied here as a kit of:

4 x Upper Front arm bushes

2 x Lower Front forward bushes

2 x Lower Front rear bushes

4 x Upper Rear arm bushes

2 x Lower Rear forward bushes

2 x Lower Forward bushes

Front ARB Bushes

Rear ARB Bushes

2 x Front Upper Outer ball joints

2 x Front Lower Outer ball joints

Offered as a drive in/drive out service, we remove all of your standard wishbone arms (8 in total), exchange your arms for a set of vapour blasted arms with Powerflex bushes fitted along with new outboard joints on the front 4 arms. We then install the set of 8 wishbones to your car and complete with 4 wheel alignment.

Car required for 2 working days.

Price includes fitting and wheel alignment