DAE GT4 Specification Spherical bearing wishbone upgrade kit -DAE
£12,398.28 (Inc VAT)

Using our experience of on track competition we offer this GT4 specification wishbone upgrade kit for both Aston Martin V8 Vantage MY2006 - 2017, V12 Vantage and DB9 MY2004 - 2016.

Replacing the standard rubber bushes in the wishbones for spherical bearings removes all compliance from the wishbones and rear toe arms to provide a much more stable chassis during spirited and on track driving. Due to the increased NVH properties we would not recommend these for road applications, but for cars which are mainly used on track it is a great upgrade.

Kit includes:

Pair of Front Upper Wishbones

Pair of Front Lower Wishbones

Pair of Rear Upper Wishbones

Pair of Rear Lower Wishbones

Pair of Adjustable Rear Toe arms

All Top hats for above arms

Please contact us for more details about fitting this product.