Jaguar F-Type V8 5.0 Supercharger Overdrive Pulley & ECU Tune -Velocity AP
£1,302.00 (Inc VAT)

STOCK 495BHP ----) TUNED 620 BHP

Jaguar's F-Type V8S is a powerful car, but more HP is always good!!! Jaguar's Project 7 & SVR already offer more power from the factory, we build upon this to achieve gains of 42RWHP (55BHP at the crank.) Our Pulley adds additional power, taking final output to well over 600BHP. VelocityAP's custom setup was developed and tested in a dyno setting and then road tested to ensure not just big peak numbers but optimum drive-ability and seamless factory integration.

Dyno tested, developed and proven on 91 Octane Pump fuel and within a very safe margin at 11.5:1 AFR.


4 Hours Labour to install at £85.00 + Vat an Hour Car required for 24 Hours