Land Rover LR4 V6 Supercharged ECU Tune -Velocity AP
£1,188.00 (Inc VAT)

STOCK 340BHP ----) TUNED 416BHP (+76BHP)

Land Rover's LR4 V6 is a powerful SUV, but more HP is always good!!! Jaguar's V6S already offers more power than the base V6 from the factory, but is still substantially torque limited. We build upon the V6S tune to achieve gains of 76BHP at the crank and substantial torque gains from 1750RPM onwards through the mid-range where you feel it the most.

Above 6000RPM, the factory power curve actually drops off, meaning a 50WHP difference at 6500RPM, and even greater as you approach RPM redline.

VelocityAP's custom setup was developed and tested in a dyno setting but also extensively road tested to ensure not just big peak numbers but optimum drive-ability and seamless factory integration.

Dyno tested, developed and proven on 94 Octane Pump fuel and within a very safe margin at 11.5:1 AFR, but can be custom tailored to your local fuel quality.


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