McLaren MP4-12C Performance ECU Tuning -Velocity AP
£3,300.00 (Inc VAT)


+62WHP (81BHP)

+68WTQ (87ft/lbs)


Over 100WHP (116BHP)

Over 100WTQ (116ft/lbs)

Following on from our well-documented 675LT and 570S projects, VelocityAP is pleased to offer McLaren MP4-12C Performance Tuning. The 3.8L Twin Turbo V8 is virtually identical to that of the 675LT, leaving a lot of untapped (read:sandbagged) potential.

Working with our research and development partners Johnny Bohmer Racing, builders of the world's fastest road car (283MPH Standing Mile Ford GT), we have several days of McLaren ECU Tuning research under out belt. The result of several days of dyno testing, road testing, datalogging analysis, our software package is now available to all McLaren MP4-12C owners. The software was installed in conjunction with our XPipe Exhaust system and Catalyst Delete Pipes.

In terms of 'Power Under the Curve' the dyno charts bear out an even larger & perhaps more significant gain. At mid-range RPM, the BHP and Torque gains are even larger & more significant, show over 100WHP and 100WTQ from 4000-6000RPM, in the mead of the power band.


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